Meeting Dates:

July 24th:
11:00pm, Protest Rally: Pickering City Hall, One The Esplanade, Pickering, ON

Nov 11th:
7:30pm, Pine Ridge Secondary School (Cafeteria), 2155 Liverpool Rd (north of Finch), Pickering, ON

Oct 19th:
7:30pm, Pickering Council Meeting, Pickering Civic Complex, 1 The Esplande, Pickering, ON

Oct 14th:
10am, Durham Region Works Committee Meeting, 605 Rossland Road E, Whitby, ONT

Sept 21st:
7:30pm, Pickering Council Meeting, Pickering Civic Complex, 1 The Esplande, Pickering, ON,

Sept 9th:
10am, Durham Region Works Meeting, 605 Rossland Road East, Whitby, Ont

Sept 2nd, 2009:
7pm, Stop the Stink Community Meeting, Altona Road Community Church, 1367 Altona Rd, Pickering, Ont

Aug 29th, 2009:
10am, Environmental Rally Against the SEC, Bob Hunter Park,14th Avenue, Markham, Ont

Mar 11, 2009:
Durham Region Council Meeting, 605 Rossland Road E, Whitby, 10am

Mar 4, 2009:
Community Meeting Pineridge High School, 2155 Liverpool Road North, Pickering, 7:30pm

Feb 25, 2009:
Durham Region Works Committee Meeting, 605 Rossland Road E, Whitby, 12pm

Feb 11, 2009:
Community Meeting Pineridge High School, 2155 Liverpool Road North, Pickering, 7:30pm

Jan 21, 2009:
Community Meeting Pineridge High School, 2155 Liverpool Road North, Pickering, 7:30pm

Jan 14, 2009:
Durham Region Works Committee Meeting, 605 Rossland Road E, Whitby, 10am

Jan 12, 2009:
Pickering Executive Council Meeting, Pickering City Hall, 7pm

Jan 7, 2009:
Community Meeting Whitevale Community Centre, 8pm

Dec 18, 2008:
Community Meeting Whitevale Community Centre, 8pm

Dec 3, 2008:
Community Meeting Whitevale Community Centre, 7pm

Nov 30, 2008:
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Stop the Stink congratulates the new Pickering Council on their Election Victory. We look forward to Council Members opposing out of Region projects that negatively affect our quality of life.

Latest update from Stop the Stink..

Hello Everyone

A few of our members had the opportunity last week to consult with the preeminent environmental Lawyer Mr. David Estrin. His remarks and insight were alarming. We were advised that the City of Pickering still has a strong legal case and we have a reasonable chance and a high probability of success. Our only option in the near future would be a judicial review. Which is another Legal Action against York Region on behalf of the citizens of Pickering. This would be a large expenditure and we are going to review our options and present them to everyone at a later date.

From information printed in the News Advertiser we have learned that the results of the vote in Councils Closed Meeting were that; Jennifer O'Connell, and Bill McLean voted to continue with the legal action against York Region and Mayor Dave Ryan, Doug Dickerson, Rick Johnson and surprisingly Bonnie Littley voted in favour of stopping the legal action and let the City of Pickering staff negotiate a settlement. Mr. David Pickles was absent from this crucial and pivotal vote. No other information from the Closed meeting has been released.

With the municipal election looming only weeks away we have the opportunity to show the Councillors that voted against continuing the legal action, that we need representatives in council that represent their constituents. The facts in the legal action have not changed even with the approval of the environment assessment. We must remember the names of the brave Councillors that understood the issue and unconditional supported the residents of Pickering. We must also do what ever we can to remove the members of Council that neglected, mislead, and abandoned us. Here is a link to help you effectively make a difference.

We need to make sure we get as many people as possible out to vote in the election October 25th. We need to make our friends and neighbours aware of the circumstances and help them make an educated decision.

We have obtained a copy of the agreement between The Corporation of the City of Pickering vs The Regional Municipality of York. I have attached a copy in two different formats for your convenience.

This settlement is appalling! The only new item that was not already promised to Pickering is an extra sum of money ($375,000) to fund a staff member from the City of Pickering to monitor the construction. The Item which commits the Region of York to a response time of 1 hour to complaints is not new and had been promised to The City of Pickering on numerous occasions. Response could mean someone has been informed that there has been a complaint. Respond does not mean repair or immediately correct the hazard and shutting down the pipe to mitigate problems will not happen. There are no penalties, for non compliance and it appears that York Region will be self regulated, other then the Ministry of Environment doing there yearly checks. There is nothing in this agreement that insures the residents of Pickering and Durham Region will be protected or compensated for any detrimental effects from the SEC pipe and/or also the Duffin Creek WPCP. The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant has also been added to this agreement, with The City of Pickering waiving all their Legal rights to any further legal action associated in any way with all items and related components. This settlement appears to favour York Region and does not shield us from danger, immediate or cumulative.

Together by using our votes we can make a significant difference! It is time for change at City Hall!

The Smell

Wind studies from the Region claim air flow travels South East over this facility, most of the time. Treated air will be expelled via a large ventilation stack. But what about the days the winds blow south and for residents south of this facility.Will emissions from the stack reach your neighbourhood ?

Why This Affects You

This is not a small project by any means. It will be a permanent fixture and has the potential to grow in size. The technology is new and relatively unproven. No one can guarantee this facility will not emit foul odours. Other Odour Control Facilities constantly break down, smell and get little attention from the Region. Do you want York's sewage in Pickering?

What Engineers Say

Engineers have told our community that this project can be built elsewhere, away from our families. They can build the Odour Control Facility and the metering site at an alternative location and still make it work. But these same engineers haven't listened to the public outcry and offered any alternative sites further into York Region. Can we trust Engineers that want to build an Odour Control Facility on Townline beside our community? Our community wants the best people on this project. We want Engineers that can provide safe, reliable alternatives for our community. If NASA Engineers can put a man on the moon, why can't Municipal Engineers design an Odour Control Facility in York Region? Tell Durham Region Councilors we want these engineers to design an OCF, metering site and fans that will work far in York Region, or to hire engineers that can design one.

The AG Preserve

Infrastructure such as fans and a metering site are proposed to be built on our Environmentally protected AG Preserve. This land is protected by the Government and is for agricultural use only. The McGuinty Goverment fought hard to legislate protection for this land. We need to tell Dalton McGuinty and Environment Minister Gerretsen that their hard work is about to be destroyed. Let your local MPPS Joe Dickson and Wayne Arthurs know too, they speak for us. This Grade A farmland is about to be turned into York's cesspool.

PICKERING: York's Dumping Ground

The Beare Landfill. The Brock Dump. A proposed incinerator to burn York's garbage. Now we have to treat their sewage gas too?. Enough is enough! STAND UP FOR PICKERING AND YOUR FAMILY! It is time that other communities take responsibility for their own waste projects. Why should Pickering continue to be the dumping ground for other Regions? We as Durham citizens are taking all the risk, while York is receiving all the benefit. TAKE ACTION TODAY AND WRITE DURHAM REGIONAL COUNCILORS, THE MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR LOCAL MPPs, Wayne Arthurs & Joe Dickson !!!


Move The Pipe

Engineers argue that the proposed OCF location is the best place for this project, because of the slope of the land. But what about Durham residents only meters away from this facility, metering site and fans? Don't these people matter to you? Is it always about the least expensive route and saving developer's money for this project? They did contribute $400 Million of the $500 Million needed for this project, right? So how can Engineers and Developers put a price on our children and loved ones that are now in the path of risk? WE ASK ENGINEERS TO MOVE THE PIPE AWAY FROM OUR HOMES! There are other alternatives to place the SEC Trunk Sewer pipeline. If you care about the Residents of Pickering, move the Sewer Pipe away from our residential area and find a more suitable place to put York Region's Odour Control Facility. Don't jeopardize established neighbourhoods in Pickering to save money for a specific pipeline route. Find a different route and let the developers pay for it! WE DEMAND THAT IF YOU CAN'T MOVE THE ODOUR CONTROL FACILITY AND OFFENSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE FAR INTO YORK REGION, THEN MOVE THE PIPE!!!

What You Need To Do

Most residents agree:

David Estrin, Ontario's pre-eminent environmental lawyer, has provided his opinion that York and Durham have violated numerous requirements under the Environmental Assessment Act. You can read his letter here. But the Ministry of Environment still plans to move forward with the approvals process.

If you are a Pickering resident, please download this letter here and email it to, and

Click here to view the revised EA document

If you are resident of Ontario and are worried that York Region's plan to partially treat and discharge up to 1 BILLION Litres of sewage PER DAY into Lake Ontario and impact our drinking water, please download this letter here and email it to; and

(full addresses and contact information for the Minister of Environment, Dalton McGuinty and Charlene Cressman) can be found below. Send your objections via email or mail to the following:

Charlene Cressman
Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
Floor 12A
2 St Clair Avenue West
Toronto ON M4V1L5
Tel: (416) 314-8221
Fax: (416) 314-8452

The Honourable Premier Dalton McGuinty
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Rm 281, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A4
Tel: (416) 325-1941
Fax: (416) 325-3745

The Honourable John Gerretsen
Minister of the Environment
12th Floor, 135 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1P5
Tel: (416) 314-6790
Fax: (416) 314-7337

To email all Durham Regional Councilor's click here

Roger Anderson - Regional Chair
Regional Headquarters
605 Rossland Rd East
P.O. Box 623
Whitby, Ont L1N 6A3

City of Oshawa Municipal Office

50 Centre St. S.
Oshawa ON. L1H 3Z7
Phone: 905-725-7351
Mayor John Grey

Councilor John Henry

Councilor April Cullen

Councilor Joe Kolodzie

Councilor Robert Lutczyk

Councilor John Neal

Councilor Brian Nicholson

Councilor Nester Pidwerbecki

Town of Whitby Municipal Office
575 Rossland Rd. E.
Whitby ON. L1N 2M8
Phone: 905-668-5803

Mayor Pat Perkins

Councilor Joe Drumm

Councilor Gerry Emm

Councilor Don Mitchell

Town of Ajax Municipal Office
65 Harwood Ave. S.
Ajax ON. L1S 2H9
Phone: 905-683-4550

Mayor Steve Parish

Councilor Scott Crawford

Councilor Colleen Jordan

Township of Brock Municipal Office
1 Cameron St. E., P.O. Box 10
Cannington ON. L0E 1E0
Phone: 705-432-2355

Mayor Larry O'Connor

Councilor John Grant

Municipality of Clarington Municipal Office
40 Temperance St.
Bowmanville ON. L1C 3A6
Phone: 905-623-3379

Mayor Jim Abernethy

Councilor Mary Novak

Councilor Charlie Trim

Township of Uxbridge Municipal Office
51 Toronto St., S., P.O. Box 190
Uxbridge ON. L9P 1T1
Phone: 905-852-9181

Mayor Bob Shepherd

Councilor Howie Herrema

Township of Scugog Municipal Office
Box 780, 181 Perry St.
Port Perry ON  L9L 1A7
Phone: 905-985-7346 or 905-985-7393

Mayor Marilyn Pearce

Councilor Jim McMillen

Wayne Arthurs
Pickering-Scarborough East, Liberal MPP
Frost South Building
7 Queen's Park Cresent
Toronto, Ont M7A 1Y7
Tel: (416) 325-3581
Fax: (416) 325-3453

Joe Dickson
Ajax-Pickering, Liberal MPP
Rm 211, Main Legislative Bldg
Toronto ON M7A 1A2
Tel: (416) 325-1182
Fax: (416) 325-1143

Pickering Councilors:

The Corporation of the City of Pickering
One the Esplanade
Pickering, Ont L1V 6K7
Main Switchboard (905) 420-2222

David Pickles
City Councilor, Ward 3
Tel (905)426-5442
Tel (905)420-4605

Rick Johnson
Regional Councilor Ward 3
Tel (905)420-4605

Bonnie Littley
Regional Councilor Ward 1
Tel (905) 420-4605

Bill Mclean
Regional Councilor Ward 2
(905) 420-4605

Dave Ryan

What Can I Do ?

We are looking for people to help us get our message out. If you are interested in volunteering please email us at Stop the Stink Signage is available for purchase. Post a sign on your lawn and show your support.

Register to Speak at Pickering Council Meeting

Request for delegation status are to be sent to the Committee Coordinator at or by fax at 905.420.9685 or by dropping off the request at City Hall.

Big Pipe Alternatives

Download the attachments (doc1, doc2) to understand why York's sewage plan is bad for us all.